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Here's Bob having a blast

Here's Bob having a blastHere's our good friend Bob who is actually responsible for bringing you Southern Homebrew. He's a personal friend of Joe. Bob gave him the push he needed to take this adventure on and make it a reality. And it's been quite an adventure.

When you stop in, it's like entering a comedy show. Joe and Bob are like Abbott and Costello, Frick and Frack, Mutt and Jeff - you get the idea.

What's for lunch Bob! When Joe is there he'll start asking Bob, "what's for lunch" as in where are you going to pick up lunch but he never says that. Bob will respond with, "what do you want for lunch"? If you're there long enough, you'll hear it every 5 or 10 minutes. Joe usually starts around 11am and by 2:30 Bob generally gets the idea. By 2 or 3pm one of them breaks down and makes the decision on what they're eating for lunch. You gotta be there I guess. :-)

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