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COVID-19 Shipping Delivery Times

COVID-19 Shipping Delivery TimesCOVID-19 Shipping Delivery Times

Due to the latest COVID-19 updates many of the common parcel carriers have informed their clients that they are not able to guarantee their normal delivery times. This causes a ripple effect into the entire supply chain inclusive of our suppliers and their suppliers and so on. The increased demand for home deliveries is also putting a strain on delivery times. Please be patient regarding the timeline of your orders being delivered and avoid unnecessary phone calls & emails for orders just placed within the prior 1-5 days. We are happy to answer them but in reality it just slows everything down in getting the real work done. We will call you if there are any issues with your order, otherwise we are working very hard to get things done as fast as we, our suppliers and shipping carriers are able. Lastly, thank you very much for your business during these unprecedented circumstances, it's greatly appreciated!

Kind regards, Southern Homebrew Staff

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