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RJ Spagnols CraftWine Making Kits

RJ Spagnols CraftWine Making KitsRJ Spagnols CraftWine Ingredient Kits

Welcome to the online portion for RJ Spagnols CraftWine Making. Here you will find a complete listing of all RJ Spagnols red and white wines. RJ Spagnols offers the most extensive, highest quality kits for the home winemaker and brewer.

Special Notation: We have decided to not carry RJ Spagnols 'Vino del Vida' (VDV) and 'Cellar Classic" (CC) lines. This was a decision due to the fact that the 'Grand Cru' line (in place of VDV) and 'Cru Select' line (in place of CC) offer a much more superior product, better variety and for only a slight additional cost (about $10 per kit). We're sure you'll agree if you compare the quality and value. Salute.

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