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6.6# Northwestern Gold Malt Extract
1/2# Caramel 30L Grain
1# Munich Grain Malt
1 oz - Hallertau 3.7% AA-60 min
1 oz - Hallertau -30 min
3/4 cup - Dextrose (priming)
Wyeast 2206 - Make 1/4 gal of starter using 1/2# Northwestern Extract Co. DME. Boil for 15 min let cool, add yeast and let stand 24 hrs.

Mash grains at 150 degrees for 30 min, add to 3 gls of water. Remove from heat and add extract. Bring to a boil and add hops as scheduled. Cool wort using prefered method, and add cold water to bring the batch up to 5 gallons. Pitch yeast starter.

OG: 1:055
IBUs: 20

This recipe won the Marzen Catagory at the Dixie Cup in Houston TX.

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