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Honey Wheat Ale

6.6 lbs Northwestern Weizen malt extract
2 lbs clover honey
1 oz Tettnanger hop pellets (4.4%AA) - 45 minutes remaining
1 oz German Hallertau hop pellets (3.5%AA) - 10 minutes remaining
1/2 tsp Irish moss - final 10 minutes
1 liquid Wheat yeast

Begin yeast at least 2 days prior to brewing. Heat 1 gallon of water to boiling. Remove kettle from heat. Stir in malt extract and 2 lbs clover honey. Do not return to heat until malt extract and clover honey are completely dissolved. Bring kettle back to boil - total boiling time is 60 minutes. With 45 minutes remaining add 1 oz Tettnanger hop pellets. With 10 minutes remaining add 1 oz German Hallertau hop pellets and 1/2 tsp Irish moss. Cool, transfer to fermenter, take hydro reading and pitch yeast. After 14 days take hydro reading and bottle. Use 7/8 cup corn sugar boiled in 2 cups of water to prime.

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