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RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Cranapple Celebration Chardonnay Wine Making Kit

RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Cranapple Celebration Chardonnay Wine Making Kit<BR><b><font color=red>PRE-ORDER NOW!!</font color=black></b>
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RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Cranapple Celebration Chardonnay Wine Kit - PRE-ORDER NOW!!

If you missed our KICK-OFF PRE-ORDER PRICING it's still not too late to PRE-ORDER but just not at our ultra LOW LOW LOW KICK OFF pricing. Those that did know they saved & secured their kits for the Holidays!!

ORDER NOW...Prices Will Surely Increase Once Pre-Orders Are No Longer Offered!!
Don't be disappointed when you see the higher price and can't get these kits ahead of the Holidays without paying more!!!!
Limited Quantity Seasonal Offer! DELIVERS - OCTOBER 2017

You Will Not Find These For Less Anywhere!

This white wine features tart green apples balanced out by smooth white cranberries to create an easy drinking wine with a crisp, refreshing finish. Bottle labels included in kit.

Shared with family and friends, it will warm the hearts and the palates of all of your guests. Excellent within three months, these wines will age wonderfully - if you can keep any that long!

Please Note: This kit makes 6 gallons. You won't regret ordering this kit as it's delicious especially for the holiday season!
Here Is How Pre-Orders Work:

Your credit cards will be charged the moment you place your order and to save us the aggravation of charging, accounting and bookkeeping later on. Time is money and at our prices we cannot afford the time. We save time, you $ave dollars. It's a real simple policy. We've been doing it this way for 6 years and it works well and you $ave a lot. As the kits arrive to us they will be automatically shipped to you. Order today and $ave. You will not find these for less anywhere.

*We reserve the right to cancel and/or limit this offering at any time. Don't miss out and order today! Your credit card will be charged when you place your order and the kits will shipped to you as they are released.

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