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RJ Spagnols Cru International Argentina Malbec Syrah Wine Kit

RJ Spagnols Cru International Argentina Malbec Syrah Wine Kit
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RJ Spagnols Cru International Arentine Malbec Syrah Wine Kit

A mélange of 2 classic varietals made with a new world twist! Malbec and Syrah are blended to create a wine with a toasty aroma while fermentation on Shiraz Genuwine Dried Grape Skins adds hints of cherry and dark fruit to the palate. Previously a limited offering, this popular wine kit is now regularly available.

Includes 125 g of Genuwine Dried Grape Skins. Genuwine grape skins are crushed, whole grape skins, gently dried in a proprietary process that preserves their original color and fresh vineyard flavor. Fermentation on Genuwine dried grape skins enhances the color, flavor profile and bouquet of wine. Genuwine grape skins are easy to work with and consistently provide excellent results.

2013 WineMaker International Award Winner

Category -> Red
Size -> 12L
Yield -> 23L
Ready Time -> 5 Weeks Oak -> 2
Body -> 3
Sweetness -> 0

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